GDPR Training

Midshore can offer different levels of GDPR training suitable for all levels of staff within your business, ranging from Awareness Training to GDPR Workshops and even a Certificate in Data Protection.

Data protection is not just about IT and systems, it’s about people. Ensuring that your team are best equipped to handle all aspects of data protection within your business will soon be a standard requirement. People need to be aware of not just what they have to do but also why they are doing it to ensure they fully understand the need for compliance on an ongoing basis.

We also offer online versions of our training so that your staff can undertake this without disrupting the operation of your business.

An overview of our levels of training is listed below. If you are interested in any of these, please complete the form at the bottom of the page or contact us directly using the information found here.

Awareness Training

Covers the following topics:

High Level Awareness
What is GDPR?
What is personal data?
What we need to do
The role of all staff

Data Protection Workshops

Covers the following topics:

Audits & Impact Assessments
Policy, Process and Procedures
Control and Maintenance
Breach Management