Management Consulting

Management Consultancy 

Experienced executives can assist a business by identifying core products and processes, mapping business processes, ensuring appropriate marketing for both products & business as well as assisting with outsourcing functions that are not core to the business.

Experienced Professionals

Our experience spans senior executive, middle management, project management, eCommerce, digital services, office administration and retail solutions. Whatever the business, Midshore can assist as we are more than just a financial services consultancy. We can “helicopter” up to look at a business from the top and, where appropriate, “microscope” down to the small detail that is essential to the daily processes of any business. Our experience at all levels can help any business to streamline processes whilst ensuring necessary controls are maintained and often enhanced.

Services to your new business

If you are a new business looking to establish in the Channel Islands we can assist you, we particularly specialise in assisting non-Guernsey businesses with navigating the local regulatory/licensing landscape. We can help you ensure that your operations and compliance processes both meet regulatory standards and are efficient to promote profitability. We can also help you ensure that your governance and substance are both appropriate – important considerations considering the evolving nature of tax transparency.

Services to your existing business

Where an existing business is experiencing change, drop in profitability or a controlled exit we can supply management consultancy services to assist you with this. We can review your business model and provide you with the advice you need to successfully complete the change needed to your business. We can also help you to implement the required change.