Corporate Governance & Guidance

Corporate Governance & Guidance

Corporate governance requirements will continue to evolve both locally and internationally, which is why it is important to continually review and update your existing operational structure.

Midshore are familiar with a number of different requirements within the many financial sectors and our day to day work see’s us providing review and remediation services for a whole range of day to day issues. This means we are well equipped with the knowledge to ensure your business is on the right track, or help get it there.

Owing to the 2008/2009 financial crisis, it is ever more important to ensure your operational procedures are safe as well as practical.

What is Corporate Governance?

In Guernsey, the Guernsey Financial services Commission (GFSC) created a framework called “Code of Corporate Governance” which applies to businesses within financial services. This ‘code’ provides a set of principles and guidance which outline best corporate practice.

There is no fixed way that your business has to operate, but ultimately corporate governance is about the behaviour of the Boards and their directors.

The team at Midshore have experience working with UK Corporate Governance, GFSC Finance Sector Code of Governance as well as others.
We believe there is more to resolution than just fixing problems.

Our Corporate Governance services will involve:

  • Discovery and board evaluation
  • plan & execute a remediation strategy
  • Create a sustainable corporate governance strategy
  • Training on best practices
  • Final review & reporting / ongoing reviews or updates to your policies

If you have any further questions, or wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us.