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Compass Quick Information

Territories: 72

Updated April 2018.

Compass Products

Compass is an ever evolving product aimed at offshore fund providers. Due to its evolutionary nature we regularly send updates about this service.
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Compass:Funds was developed to assist fund providers with assistance in accessing additional markets.

Compass:Funds Complexity and Rate Card

Our pricing for Compass:Fund registrations can be found here. With no hidden costs, Compass is extremely competitively priced.

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Use this page to register your interest in our Compass products. We’ll keep you updated with the latest changes and expansion of Compass.

Compass by Midshore

Compass is a service being provided by Midshore, launched on 1st September 2017, which is constantly being updated and added to. It forms part of our regulatory offering. The first service to launch in the Compass product is our Compass:Funds service.


This has been developed as a service to assist fund providers with understanding the jurisdictional access that offshore funds may enjoy and to provide assistance with accessing those markets.

Those operating a fund want it to enjoy access to as many potential investors in as many jurisdictions as possible, whilst ensuring that their sales also comply with local requirements.

Compass:Investment Services

Compass:Investment Services is partly being driven by the EU’s MiFID II/MiFIR package. This service will provide information and assistance for financial institutions wishing to provide investment services (including investment advice and management) into key jurisdictions. Besides the EU countries under the MiFID II/MiFIR regime the service will also other key jurisdictions (South Africa under the FAIS legislation or the registered investment adviser regime in the United States of America).


Compass:Investments is a future enhancement that will deal with investing into markets with complex restrictions, such as China (QFII, RQFII, Stock Connect & CIMB) and Saudi Arabia (QFI/QFIC).

Why Compass?

Compass is the only services of its kind provided specifically for the offshore financial services market. Midshore’s international regulatory expertise is your tool to better international market access.