Midshore Consulting Limited helps internationalise Resolute Capital Partners

Midshore Consulting Limited (Midshore) are proud to have successfully helped Resolute Capital Partners (RCP), a private equity firm based in the United States, internationalise their offering.

Over the last year Midshore’s team of experts led by Christopher Jehan have worked closely with RCP to determine the best combination of regulation and structuring to suit both the structure and the underlying funds.

The resulting Guernsey feeder funds can now be sold to clients across many international jurisdictions and Midshore continue to work with RCP and its partners using Midshore’s CompassFunds service to identify additional marketing opportunities in further jurisdictions, providing advice on the regulatory and legal requirements of accessing those markets.

“Midshore Consulting is pleased to have worked with Resolute Capital Partners on the first stages of their internationalisation project, Midshore’s decades of specialist international fund experience was complemented by Resolute Capital’s drive and ambition to break out of their domestic market. The two firms worked together to design and then implement the best structure to meet Resolute Capital’s ambitions. The resulting feeder fund structures can be sold internationally, accessing new markets under Midshore’s CompassFunds service as Resolute Capital’s global reach continues to extend.”

Christopher Jehan – Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Read the full release online at the following link:
Resolute Capital Partners Enlists Midshore Consulting Limited to Help Develop and Implement its New International Feeder Fund (

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