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Compass:Funds – your tool for better fund registration

Midshore Consulting are pleased to announce the first set of monthly additions to our Compass:Funds offering.

Our rate and complexity card can be found here.

But what is Compass?

Being an international financial centre means that the majority of financial products and services need to comply with both local regulation and regulation in the jurisdiction(s) into which they are being sold. Compass is a service designed to assist international financial services companies in dealing with the international & foreign regulation alongside the local.

The first section of the Compass service to launch, and arguably the most complex, is Compass:Funds; a service designed to assist those operating international funds in complying with the obligations of selling those funds in other countries & territories. The most common fund registrations for offshore funds is now the National Private Placement Regime (NPPR) under the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD), however there are many other countries & territories where foreign funds can be registered for sale. The first use of the Compass:Funds service was to register a fund for restricted sale into Singapore (more on that soon).

Compass (at the time of writing) reaches over 45 territories and continues to expand on a monthly basis. To find out more, please see our dedicated Compass:Funds landing page.

Unlike similar services, Compass:Funds is specifically designed to cater for non-UCITS fund structures such as those in the Channel Islands.

If the jurisdiction you are interested in is not listed please contact us as we are continually adding to the service.

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