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Midshore’s May Update

It has been quite a while since we posted a Midshore update, but that is solely down to how fast the business has been moving, not forgetting the number of exciting projects our team have been involved in, including the launch of ADPO, recording an episode with Fintech Finance, Cyber Security & GDPR courses.

However, a bit of fun along the way…

Christopher recently participated in the Guernsey Dancefloor Challenge with his lovely dance partner Debbie Bideau. Debbie is a returning dancer and Christopher was the “personality” in their coupling.

Whilst performing the couples individuals dance, Christopher was awarded the Judges Choice trophy and scored the best individual score over the entire weekend (228/240 judges marks), which included two maximums (40’s) for his Viennese Waltz.

The team at Midshore were able to attend his lunchtime performance and thoroughly enjoyed it.

GDPR & Managing Cyber Security – Filming, training & certifications

We’ve become obsessed with GDPR. We understand how crucial it is to the island and how Guernsey (as well as Jersey) must ensure it meets requirements. Which is one of the reasons we are so happy to be a founding member of the Association Of Data Protection Officers (ADPO) – more below.

On Liberation day (9th May), Christopher & Sam took flight to London to meet with Advertainment Media who are producing a TV series called “Fintech Finance”. We spent the day with them answering questions on the upcoming regulation, how it may affect Guernsey and the broader picture. It was noted by all parties how Cyber Security is becoming even more important, including the way we use our internet enabled devices, then carry them with us into the work place. It is known that GDPR training and Cyber Security training are going to be essential in a proactive approach to preventing breaches occurring.

Managing Cyber Security

Midshore have already prepared a Managing Cyber Security course based on the CISI qualification. Our managing cyber security (MCS) course is available to take both in our “classroom environment” and on our very own online training platform. .

The course covers everything from basic identification of the different types of threats to advanced threats, physical intrusions, our usage as a threat and a lot more.

GDPR Training & certifications (Both Channel Island & EU GDPR)

Midshore’s very own GDPR courses are currently undergoing a rigorous development phase. We aren’t just going to be offering training for the EU version of the regulation as we understand the differences and needs of local Channel Islanders.

The course will be aimed towards any data professionals (both controllers and processors) and will be split into two modules. The first of which will be the regulation itself, explaining what is inside it, what it means and how to make it work for your business as well as some history on how data itself has evolved and further thoughts.

The second module will be the practical application. Both the EU GDPR and Channel Island equivalent regulations will have different implementation methods and requirements. This second module will help to make up the full certification.

Each module will take around 12 hours of classroom time to deliver, full course books and study materials will be issued to students who take the course, and it will also be available on our online training platform!

The Association of Data Protection Officers (ADPO)

Midshore are proud to be a founding member of ADPO along with some other key minds from various business sectors. Christopher Jehan was elected the first chairman of the new association and the team wish him every success in the role.

The Association is about bringing like minds together and tackling new challenges involving data such as the upcoming GDPR. If you’re interested in ADPO and joining it, check out their brand new website, courtesy of our very own Sam du Feu. Membership fee’s for ADPO have been set at £50 per calendar year.

After a busy launch event (which sold out in just 24 hours!) the future for ADPO looks bright. It was great to see a mix of people from many business sectors of the Island. Both Christopher Jehan and Emma Martins (Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey & Information Commissioner for Jersey) spoke at the event, highlighting the need for the Association and also its many benefits.

Whilst the Association is currently just for Guernsey businesses, but we understand a Jersey counterpart may be on the way shortly – although it is not confirmed if it will be under the same name.

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