About Us

Midshore Consulting Limited is an award-winning Guernsey-based regulatory consultancy and was founded by Christopher Jehan on the 1st September 2016. Midshore’s vision is to help its clients grow and adapt to constant change.

Midshore’s core services relate to domestic, cross-border and international regulation as well as professional and bespoke training solutions. Our team are also able to offer Marketing, Web, Desktop & App Development along with Search Engine Optimisation.

In October 2019 Midshore Consulting Limited co-founded Midshore Consulting USA LLC with Sonya Slater. This joint venture helps Midshore to expand its international reach and also to feed more US-sourced work into the Island utilising Guernsey’s internationally recognised regulatory framework and status as an offshore Finance centre.

Midshore also operate a number of sub-brands, including;

Our Team

Midshore’s team are responsible for various aspects of the day to day running of the company. Please see our profiles below to learn a little more about our responsibilities, interests and expertise.