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About our Data Protection Services

Midshore are your data protection specialists and are proud to offer training, consultancy and project management services at all levels to suit your needs. Our training goes beyond the regulation itself, we understand what it will take to ensure your business remains compliant. In the US, the federal Privacy Act of 1974 is outdated compared to the standards of most countries, however revised federal standards are being considered and California has adopted the Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.  Additionally, the EU-US Privacy Shield offers an opt-in regime for US firms wanting to process data on EU citizens in a framework recognised as equivalent with GDPR. There is without doubt a heightened awareness and expectations that clients’ data needs to be protected and that the consumer has rights to control the use of their data and it’s something we have already held training courses for.

The team at Midshore bring together a variety of skills, including data management, regulatory implementation, internet security and compliance to bring you a holistic solution. Data protection isn’t just an IT issue, it’s an issue for the whole business and needs to be treated as such.

The team at Midshore have dealt with Data Protection in a number of jurisdictions, and can ensure compliance with the extra-territorial provisions of the EU’s GDPR, whether by standard contractual clauses, binding corporate resolutions or utilising Privacy Shield.

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