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Welcome to Midshore Consulting. We are an experienced, talented team of individuals who continually strive to create the a dynamic and approachable customer-centric consultancy. Whilst our services range is dynamic, our knowledge in these areas has served our diverse client base well.

Midshore are a financial services consultancy with localised focus alongside a worldwide outlook, matched only by our international client base. With Midshore your business is in safe hands.

Midshore's team of consultants are able to assist with;
  • Mapping AML/CFT requirements for your business
  • Implementing appropriate changes to procedures & policies
  • Ascertaining the need and scope of remediation
  • Remediating your existing clients
  • Assisting with your AML/CFT business risk assessment
  • Ensuring a review and monitoring programme is established
  • Providing progress reports and a final report detailing all work undertaken
  • Training your staff on the latest AML/CFT regime either in-house or online
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Assure is a service designed to speed up access to our consultants. You’ll be able to talk to one of our team with the assurance of a high quality and fast response.

The service is only chargeable if you use it and agreements can be put in place same day.

Anybody can sign up for the service and there is no obligation to use it. You'll just have instant access when you need it. Find out more
Compass is a cross-border advice & registration service being provided by Midshore, which is constantly being updated and added to. It forms part of our regulatory offering and is a key tool in ensuring that financial services and products can reach the widest audience possible. Find out more
The team at Midshore bring together a variety of skills, including data management, regulatory implementation, internet security and compliance to bring you a holistic solution. Data protection isn’t just an IT issue, it’s an issue for the whole business and needs to be treated as such.

The team at Midshore have dealt with Data Protection in a number of jurisdictions, and can ensure compliance with the extra-territorial provisions of the EU’s GDPR, whether by standard contractual clauses, binding corporate resolutions or utilising Privacy Shield. Find out more
Local and international regulation is constantly changing and evolving. Businesses need to adapt on a timely basis, changing procedures and processes and often remediating client files to ensure the documentation held continues to meet the various regulatory requirements. It is also a key requirement to operationalize and assess controls to ensure the correct adoption of legal/regulatory requirements across jurisdictions (at both state and federal level as well as cross border), in order for the business to remain compliant. We are able to quickly and efficiently help with domestic and international law & regulations. Find out more
Midshore are pleased to offer training for a wide range of topics. As the Financial Service industry continues to experience dramatic transformation with both digital and regulatory pressures, it is evident that the Global Regulators will continue to focus on firms’ operational resilience, governance and controls, data security and consumer protections, Midshore can tailor training that can talk to these key regulatory challenges through our online training and live bespoke training programmes. We currently provide training to our clients around the globe. Find out more
Midshore can offer a wide range of flexible services to our regular and ad-hoc clients. We often find new and unique ways to work with our customers. If you have any requirements, however big or small, please get in touch with us. With over 70 years of combined experience, Midshore can assure you that your requirements will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

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Compass Registration Service

When we decided to start marketing our fund in Singapore we approached Midshore with a view to using their “Compass” service for our registration. Given our marketing timeline this needed to be... (Read full testimonial)

Julie Blampied,
Equinox Fund Management

FATCA / CRS Practical Workshop

“Absolutely awesome” LR

“A really well-balanced and presented course” AL

Multiple attendees,
Guernsey Training Agency

Source: GTA.gg Website


Christopher is very passionate about his subject – which is reflected in the excellent pass rates of his students!

James Travers,
Guernsey Finance

Source: Google Reviews

Very happy with the service provided

Midshore provided our business with fantastic FATCA and CRS support during an incredibly busy period in 2017, following a large scale system migration, removing the stress of FATCA / CRS reporting and... (Read full testimonial)

Helen Crowther,
New Street Management