Midshore Online Training & Video Training

Midshore are excited to announce the development of our “Midshore Online Training” (MOT) platform.

What is the MOT platform?

The MOT platform will become your best resource for financial and regulatory training. It is intended to be available to the public later this month and some of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of being able to access our training courses via the internet.

What content will be available?

To start, we intend to move with key industry trends, in particular, there will be a focus on GDPR, AML, CFT and later in the year we will be covering topics such as MiFID II etc.

Video Training Programmes

We are also able to create bespoke content only accessible by you for your business(es) and deliver this within our online training solution or via a platform of your choosing. Currently we are working with clients from all around the world and most recently have been offering our video training services to clients in Shanghai, China.


Why Midshore?

Our training is for professionals, by professionals. We believe that staff should be adequately and accurately trained to ensure they reach their maximum potential. Staff who are trained better, work smarter. Our new video training & online training offers the individual a chance to review the information more than one time unlike our regular training courses, meaning they can work on problem areas, or pick up on something they missed.


If you have any online training / video training requirements, please do contact us.