Training & Competence Services

Ensuring that staff are “adequately trained” and “suitable” are requirements under the Principles of Conduct of Finance Business issued by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Furthermore both Investment and Insurance Licensees in Guernsey specifically have requirements to have a training and competence scheme in place. This applies to all staff members and is part of the specific requirements in respect of staff giving advice under the Guernsey Financial Advice Standards.

Midshore’s Training & Competence programme can help you by:

  • Assessing the training requirements of staff and/or roles
  • Identifying appropriate hard and soft skills training
  • Implementing a training & competency regime
  • Delivering training in areas we are qualified
  • Providing seminars on current topics for CPD

Whatever your training requirements we can assist you and in addition to our regular programme of seminars and courses we can provide bespoke in-house training for your organisation. If necessary we can provide training services on an ongoing service to ensure ongoing compliance with T&C requirements.

Midshore offer training for the following recognised industry leading professional bodies



Regulatory training, refreshers & reviews

We can also offer training on current regulation & compliance requirements. Our training courses can once again be held at our dedicated facility, in your own offices or using a larger space if required. We can offer tailored training for AIFMD, BEPS, FATCA / CRS, GDPRMiFID II, AML4D Directive and any Guernsey specific regulation (Including the Guernsey AML regime).

Video & Online Training Solutions

Midshore are now able to offer both video & online training solutions. We are able to create bespoke videos for your organisation on a number of topics and deliver them in a suitable medium. These can be as simple as refreshers for any regulation / reporting standards, or even our entire regular training courses. We’re also able to create revision modules, regulatory based training videos, CRS workshops, AML examples & more.


Download our Training and Competence overview

Download our training and competence overview