CRS Services

CRS Services

Midshore have developed a full CRS service offering, which can be tailored to the requirements of your business. The team at Midshore bring together a variety of skills, including regulatory implementation, project management and IT to bring you a holistic solution. CRS is going to be with us for the long-run and businesses need to think about integration of certain tasks (such as entity classification) into their ongoing business processes whilst ensuring that specialist tasks (such as annual reporting) is scheduled into the business year.

Midshore are pleased to assist you with CRS as much or as little as you want; whether as a sounding board for guidance, reviewing key policies and procedures, assisting with compilation and submission of reports or full project management to ensure your compliance with the requirements of CRS. We can offer a level of service tailored to your budget.

Training ServicesDocumentation ServicesReview & Support Services
CRS Awareness Training for all staff (can be combined with FATCA Awareness)Automatic Exchange of Information Policy (incorporating CRS)Remediation of Individual & Entity Information
Responsible Officer TrainingEnsuring Processes & Procedures incorporate CRSCompilation & Submission of CRS Reporting
Specialist Regulatory TrainingReview of Terms & ConditionsProject Management & Scoping
Ensuring forms contain appropriate tax residency declarationsAssure by Midshore – your available helpline for all questions

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