Offshore Funds

Experienced fund practitioners can help with identifying the best structures and operational processes for a pooled investment.

Correct structuring can avoid many of the issues that can result in regulatory action or negative investor sentiment.

Offshore Funds

One of the most common types of investment in the world is the pooled fund. In Guernsey, as in many judications, these are referred to as Offshore Funds due to the nature of our geographic location and tax neutrality. Correct fund structuring and adherence to the relevant regulation can avoid many of the issues that result in regulatory action or negative investor sentiment.


New Funds and Management Companies

Christopher has over twenty years’ experience in offshore (and onshore) funds, and whilst the majority of his experience is with Guernsey fund structures he also has experience with structures in Jersey, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius and Australia. He is an expert at the governance and structuring both funds and management companies need to avoid bringing non-EU structures inadvertently in scope of the Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive and has often utilised management company structures that are in a different jurisdiction to the funds they manage.

Fund Changes

Often over the life cycle of a fund there are changes needed to a fund range… a jurisdiction no longer suits requirements, a fund is below the viable size or share classes are surplus to requirements. Christopher can also assist with restructuring funds by merger, class conversion or migration between jurisdictions. He has managed numerous fund-related projects over the years. Making the right structuring change at the right time can save a lot of money over the years.

For more information on fund structures, click here.

Fund Distribution 

There are complex rules for each jurisdiction in which you may want to sell a fund. Midshore can help you navigate the various fund registration, selling and marketing requirements across many different countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Whilst Christopher has a particular speciality in AIFMD National Private Placement (NPPR) requirements he has experience in funds registered in multiple jurisdictions internationally. Broadening the registrations will broaden the client base and maximise the potential for a large and profitable fund.

For more information on fund distribution, click here.

Assisting your business

Midshore can also help by providing review of the operational processes relating to any fund structure, and also bring administration staff to help in times of excessive workloads or when backlogs need to be cleared.


Midshore can help ensure that your fund is:

investments funds locationLocated in the right jurisdiction
investment funds legal vehicleConstituted as the right legal vehicle
investment funds structureRegulated as the correct fund structure
investment funds operationOperating under the appropriate processes


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