Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Management Consultancy – Experienced executives can assist a business by identifying core products and processes, mapping business processes, ensuring appropriate marketing for both products & business as well as assisting with outsourcing functions that are not core to the business.

Experienced Professionals

Our experience spans senior executive, middle management, project management, eCommerce, digital services, office administration and retail solutions. Whatever the business, Midshore can assist as we are more than just a financial services consultancy. We can “helicopter” up to look at a business from the top and, where appropriate, “microscope” down to the small detail that is essential to the daily processes of any business. Our experience at all levels can help any business to streamline processes whilst ensuring necessary controls are maintained and often enhanced.


As a seasoned financial services professional, Christopher has experience in leadership within a business licensed for both investment and insurance business. He has seen the evolution of not only a business but also the industry in which that business operates and the reaction to that evolution. Christopher’s background includes being an Executive Director, Operations Manager and Project Manager and he operates equally effectively in the boardroom, rewriting operational processes or implementing solutions to the latest regulation or business line.

Christopher has been director of an investment licensed business as well as various fund structures and special purpose vehicles. He was also the General Representative and a Member of the Management Committee of the Guernsey-licensed branch of a South African life company. His qualifications are varied. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, with whom he has qualified in Global Operations Management, Regulation & Compliance, Investment Advice and Investment/Securities Operations. Christopher is also a Member of the Institute of Directors and an IMC Member of the CFA Society of the UK. With a wide variety of skills and many years as an experienced executive and project manager he brings the relevant background to each change required in a business.

Christopher is available in his individual capacity to act as a non-executive director.


From a very early age Sam has always been involved in digital based projects & services. At just 14 Sam had begun to experiment in this fascinating new technology by setting up his own small business in private server and website hosting, which was an entirely self managed successful small business. His successes at an early age gave him a keen interest in the online world and the endless possibility it provided.

Sam has, over time, increased his skill set in both a Marketing and IT capacity by working for a large multi-national eCommerce company (Top 500 Internet Retailer 2016) who are now trading in many territories throughout the world, during his time in this role he was also responsible for overseeing various projects including re-writing and deploying a new SEO strategy, online reputation management, deployment of new websites, graphic design, IT systems & reporting as well as many marketing campaigns – one of which has become well known for its successes and the fact it was during the biggest selling days of the eCommerce calendar, see “How 7dayshop Won Black Friday” featured here.

Further to this, Sam has often taken ‘freelance projects‘ where he has been able to further expand on his skill set as needs of his clients were met. This work involved anything from SEO Consultancy, Branding & Design, Marketing & social media campaigns to content writing & IT Infrastructure setups. To re-enforce his skills, Sam has completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing along with a number of other certifications relating to website development & Adobe Masteries.

Services to your new business

If you are a new business looking to establish in the Channel Islands we can assist you, we particularly specialise in assisting non-Guernsey businesses with navigating the local regulatory/licensing landscape. We can help you ensure that your operations and compliance processes both meet regulatory standards and are efficient to promote profitability. We can also help you ensure that your governance and substance are both appropriate – important considerations considering the evolving nature of tax transparency.

Services to your existing business

Where an existing business is experiencing change, drop in profitability or a controlled exit we can supply management consultancy services to assist you with this. We can review your business model and provide you with the advice you need to successfully complete the change needed to your business. We can also help you to implement the required change.

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