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With under one year until the new GDPR takes effect, and also one year until the Channel Islands needs to seek equivalence, now is the time to be thinking about GDPR.

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About our GDPR Services

Midshore are your GDPR specialists and are proud to offer bespoke & classroom based training, consultancy and project management services of all levels to suit your needs. Our training goes beyond just the regulation itself, we understand what it will take to ensure your data protection officers and other staff members remain compliant and can help ensure you don’t become that first horror story (the first breach). Cyber security is a big factor here, and it’s something we have already held a number of training courses for.

Midshore are proud founder members of the Association of Data Protection Officers (ADPO) and Christopher Jehan, our Managing Director, is Chairman of this Association. This key membership means we are encountering and learning to understand some of the bigger questions GDPR is asking of individuals as well as firms and via the Association we can deal directly with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

GDPR Training

Midshore consulting are the only training provider in the Channel Islands who are offering training for both the Channel Islands equivalent legislation as well as the EU Regulation itself. Our training program is near completion and will be a valued certification across the channel islands and more cost-effective than most GDPR training. The qualification will be split into two modules (Regulation & Practical Application) enabling the overall qualification to be split over two separate courses (1.5 days each) allowing time out of the office to be managed more effectively. This course will also be available through our online training portal.
Alongside the certification, we also offer:

  • Data Protection Awareness training for all staff; all employees of a business will play a role in data protection
  • Data Protection Workshops for senior managers and decision makers highlighting the practical implications of GDPR

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GDPR Consulting

Midshore Consulting are developing an information pack designed to help businesses comply with the coming change in data protection regulation. This will sit alongside our workshops in assisting senior management in developing their own GDPR solutions.
We are also available as GDPR consultants to assist businesses in any industry sector with GDPR practical compliance, including the drafting of policies for adoption by the board. Midshore Consulting can provide outsourced Data Protection Officer services, or oversight to assist management in ensuring best practice is adhered to on an ongoing basis.

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