Our new home page!

Today we have launched our new homepage.

More than anybody Midshore understands that keeping up with the latest regulatory news and requirements for our businesses is vital to sustainable business relationships. That is why we have made some modifications to our home page. So that our clients can easily keep up with current local regulation and find out how Midshore are able to help in these key areas.

Whats changed?

Our sliding banner has been broken down into boxes. Each box is relevant to either a Midshore event, regulation you should probably be aware of that we do or will offer services in, or an important update from us. Treat it as a timeline as its in date order!

Key services

Having a diverse work force has meant we are a consultancy who are able to offer more. This can also be confusing, to make things a little easier, we’ve added our 4 key services and a link to our online training platform right below our header.

Anything else?

That’s it! The whole idea of this redesign was to help our clients or those browsing our website find key information more easily.

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