Data Protection Awareness module now live!

Today we have officially launched our Data Protection Awareness online training module.

The module is aimed to give all staff members the basic knowledge they need in regards to data protection. And with today’s announcement that Emma Martins will be our Data Protection Commissioner, what better time would there be to brush up your skills.

Read more about the module here.

If you are interested in booking the module, please contact me (

Introducing Midshore Online Training (MOT)

We’re happy to announce that our Midshore Online Training (MOT) platform has officially gone from soft launch to widely available!

The team at Midshore are currently putting together lots of training modules and certifications that should meet the needs of our clients. We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier to access your “My Midshore” account page by adding a link at the top of every page.

To find out more about this service, please speak to your account manager or contact us here.

Our Full GDPR Training Suite

GDPR Awareness Training

We are proud to announce that our GDPR Awareness Training is now available for booking. This training is designed to give staff members of all skill levels a basic understanding of what requirements the GDPR will bring and what role they have to play in ensuring compliance.

Our Online GDPR Awareness Training is available to book from just £35 per person, however, bulk discounts are available at different levels depending on the amount of places booked. We are also happy to quote for in-house training.

For more information about our GDPR Awareness Training, please use the link provided here.

GDPR Workshop

Midshore offers GDPR Workshops, which have proven to be extremely popular as a practical guide to assist organisations with complying with the upcoming changes. The Workshop is available either ‘standalone’ or as our GDPR Workshop Package which includes:

  • GDPR Workshop
  • Our GDPR Health Check

Certificate in Data Protection

Midshore are the first and only provider of a Certificate in Data Protection for the Guernsey Data Protection Law. Our two-unit Certificate is aimed to give the candidate a thorough knowledge of the regulation and how to best deal with real world use. The units can be taken individually or together.

For more information about or Certificate in Data Protection, please use the link provided here.

Regular Training – More than just a Regulatory Burden!

Business regulated by or registered with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC), the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) have requirements under the relevant AML/CFT (Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) handbooks or guidelines to ensure regular ongoing training for their staff in this area.

The requirement to train staff in this area is not new, however often training is carried out in these areas alone, and is directed if not carried out by the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). How many times have experienced practitioners been forced to take time out from their working day to sit through an hour-long in-house seminar and are able to repeat “placement – layering – integration” or “maximum of 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine” verbatim at their course leader simply from hearing it so many times. Also, how many people have been forced to watch an AML DVD with dodgy acting from Z-list actors portraying farcical characters?

Running in-house training sessions during lunch breaks inevitably leads to:

  • Running multiple training sessions, taking up the valuable time of the MLRO
  • Running additional training sessions for those who are unexpected unable to attend at the last minute (sickness or business)
  • New staff members joining the company who need to have the training provided as part of their induction, which will often be at a time when regular staff training is not scheduled
  • Knowing that someone has been physically present without being able to prove that they were mentally present
  • Lack of quantitative proof of the effectiveness of the training

Clearly, this is not the best solution to a regulatory training need.

Convenience and Scalability

In the modern era we often talk about flexibility, and this is now something that can be offered in the ongoing training space. Let’s take an example.

Company A decides that its employees need to complete their regular AML/CFT training in line with regulatory requirements. The company has engaged with an online training provider (who happen to be called Midshore) to use their online training solution. Taking the experiences of various executives of the company:

  • The Managing Director decides to login from his tablet at home one evening to complete the training – leading by example is important
  • The Sales Director has a rare few days in the office so decides he will complete it one lunchtime whilst eating a sandwich at his desk
  • The Operations Manager doesn’t have enough time during the working day so takes her mobile phone to the gym, logs into their Wi-Fi and burns calories on the cross-trainer at the same time
  • The MLRO and the Human Resources Manager receive regular reports on who has completed the training, together with the score that each employee has received for their end of course test

Midshore Online Training (MOT)

Midshore Online Training (MOT) is the online training solution brought to you by Midshore Consulting. Regularly updated, the Midshore AML/CFT training includes sections on Proliferation Financing, Sanctions and Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) alongside the standard AML/CFT subject matter.

The training module consists of:

  • Online training video
  • Printable course notes
  • 15-question end of module test (75% pass mark)
  • Printable certificate of completion

Using MOT also means that staff located in other jurisdictions (including those in outsourced or offshored operations) can receive identical training to local staff.

MOT – more than AML/CFT

Regulation and legal requirements are changing all the time, additionally local businesses are not just impacted by local law and regulation. Staff in regulated businesses should receive more than just AML/CFT training on a regular basis to ensure that they remain aware of their responsibilities in a number of key areas. This is why the MOT suite of modules will also include:

At this point, it almost seemed appropriate to include a pun about booking staff in for a MOT! However, should you be interested in a scalable and cost-effective solution to ensuring your staff have up to date regulatory knowledge please contact us.

Midshore can also run in-house training, including practical workshops tailored to the needs of your business.

Midshore’s May Update

It has been quite a while since we posted a Midshore update, but that is solely down to how fast the business has been moving, not forgetting the number of exciting projects our team have been involved in, including the launch of ADPO, recording an episode with Fintech Finance, Cyber Security & GDPR courses.

However, a bit of fun along the way…

Christopher recently participated in the Guernsey Dancefloor Challenge with his lovely dance partner Debbie Bideau. Debbie is a returning dancer and Christopher was the “personality” in their coupling.

Whilst performing the couples individuals dance, Christopher was awarded the Judges Choice trophy and scored the best individual score over the entire weekend (228/240 judges marks), which included two maximums (40’s) for his Viennese Waltz.

The team at Midshore were able to attend his lunchtime performance and thoroughly enjoyed it.

GDPR & Managing Cyber Security – Filming, training & certifications

We’ve become obsessed with GDPR. We understand how crucial it is to the island and how Guernsey (as well as Jersey) must ensure it meets requirements. Which is one of the reasons we are so happy to be a founding member of the Association Of Data Protection Officers (ADPO) – more below.

On Liberation day (9th May), Christopher & Sam took flight to London to meet with Advertainment Media who are producing a TV series called “Fintech Finance”. We spent the day with them answering questions on the upcoming regulation, how it may affect Guernsey and the broader picture. It was noted by all parties how Cyber Security is becoming even more important, including the way we use our internet enabled devices, then carry them with us into the work place. It is known that GDPR training and Cyber Security training are going to be essential in a proactive approach to preventing breaches occurring.

Managing Cyber Security

Midshore have already prepared a Managing Cyber Security course based on the CISI qualification. Our managing cyber security (MCS) course is available to take both in our “classroom environment” and on our very own online training platform. .

The course covers everything from basic identification of the different types of threats to advanced threats, physical intrusions, our usage as a threat and a lot more.

GDPR Training & certifications (Both Channel Island & EU GDPR)

Midshore’s very own GDPR courses are currently undergoing a rigorous development phase. We aren’t just going to be offering training for the EU version of the regulation as we understand the differences and needs of local Channel Islanders.

The course will be aimed towards any data professionals (both controllers and processors) and will be split into two modules. The first of which will be the regulation itself, explaining what is inside it, what it means and how to make it work for your business as well as some history on how data itself has evolved and further thoughts.

The second module will be the practical application. Both the EU GDPR and Channel Island equivalent regulations will have different implementation methods and requirements. This second module will help to make up the full certification.

Each module will take around 12 hours of classroom time to deliver, full course books and study materials will be issued to students who take the course, and it will also be available on our online training platform!

The Association of Data Protection Officers (ADPO)

Midshore are proud to be a founding member of ADPO along with some other key minds from various business sectors. Christopher Jehan was elected the first chairman of the new association and the team wish him every success in the role.

The Association is about bringing like minds together and tackling new challenges involving data such as the upcoming GDPR. If you’re interested in ADPO and joining it, check out their brand new website, courtesy of our very own Sam du Feu. Membership fee’s for ADPO have been set at £50 per calendar year.

After a busy launch event (which sold out in just 24 hours!) the future for ADPO looks bright. It was great to see a mix of people from many business sectors of the Island. Both Christopher Jehan and Emma Martins (Data Protection Commissioner for Guernsey & Information Commissioner for Jersey) spoke at the event, highlighting the need for the Association and also its many benefits.

Whilst the Association is currently just for Guernsey businesses, but we understand a Jersey counterpart may be on the way shortly – although it is not confirmed if it will be under the same name.