About Us

Midshore Consulting Limited was founded by Christopher Jehan on the 1st September 2016.

Our vision is to create the very best, and most approachable, professional consultancy in Guernsey.

Whilst Midshore’s core business offers services to the international financial services industry, there is also an offering in both data protection and marketing consultancy services across all business sectors. We operate a number of sub-brands, including ‘Compass: Funds‘ (assisting financial services with cross-border business offerings), ‘Assure by Midshore‘ (useful for occasional advice), ‘MOT‘ – Midshore Online Training, and very soon we will be launching ‘Made by Midshore‘ (creation and maintenance of websites, digital marketing and more).

Our Team

Midshore’s team are responsible for various aspects of the day to day running of the company. Please see our profiles below to learn a little more about our responsibilities, interests and expertise.