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CISI – Investment Operations Certificate (IOC)

Why study the Investment Operations Certificate Pathway?

The Investment Operations Certificate (IOC) is the most established qualification from the CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment). It is taken by practitioners around the world to enhance their knowledge and skills of the administration and operation areas within Financial Services.

It has become somewhat of a benchmarking tool by major banks, investment firms and other businesses to ensure that potential staff members already have practical knowledge required to immediately apply within everyday business activities.

Further to this, completing the IOC offers a perfect track to earning higher level qualifications offered by the CISI.


How to achieve the IOC

To achieve the full IOC, candidates must complete any three units from the available IOC Qualification Modules (see below)

A typical path to completing the IOC looks like the following:

A typical path for somebody outside the UK and interested in taking the “International Introduction to Securities & Investments” may look like

  • International Introduction To Securities & Investments
  • 1 x Local Regulatory Unit + 1 x Relevant Technical Units


  • 2 x Technical Units

IOC Qualification Modules

Midshore are able to provide any module within the IOC Qualification structure. Further to this, we hold regular courses. For more details on current dates, please click on the courses below or see our calendar of events.

Your choice of introductory units

Your choice of regulatory units

  • UK Financial Regulation
  • Local regulatory paper
    • For Guernsey residents the UK Financial Regulation paper is the preferred choice.

Your choice of technical units


Midshore are your perfect IOC training partner

If you are interested in taking any of the CISI modules that make up the IOC or are just looking for training / tutoring, we are able to provide that in many ways. As mentioned above we run regular training courses that cover the entire IOC. We are also able to offer tailored tutoring, video training, online training solutions, in-house training as well as course study materials.

Midshore are also available to create a training programme for you, your business or any other regulatory topics to compliment your knowledge.

Please contact us if you have any queries or questions.